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A dash of Tea to Your Halloween

Happy Halloween! I know I’m a few days early..but I couldn’t resist. I do love this time of year, but what I love even more is the Christmas season that follows. I know Christmas isn’t until the end of December, but it seems the whole holiday now starts November 1st, in the stores anyway. It does give me that warm and fuzzy feeling and brings me back to being a kid.

The mornings are starting to get much more chilly when I am up early to run. I even had to haul out my winter running top today.


I am not complaining because I am one of those crazy runners who LOVES running in the cold. Nothing makes me happier than running while it’s snowing. Oh Canada, I think I may miss you a bit this winter!

Ok.. back to Halloween. I came across some of my old customes from past years. Here’s a few..

Every time I wear this costume there’s a big debate about whether this is a Strawberry or Watermelon costume. It also worked great when we had “fruit and vegetables” health week at the school I taught at and had to dress up.


Then there was the Twister costume.

n503760866_612649_815  n503760866_611140_297


Another year my best friend Meaghan and I dressed up at 80’s aerobics instructors.


Everyone has been a classic Clown at one point or another..



One of the best parts about the colder weather jumping on board is an excuse to drink that much more tea. I have been discovering so many delicious warm drinks lately. I even have a cupboard just for my drinks.


Have you ever been to Davids Tea before? Unfortunately it’s only in Canada right now (but you can order online). I just discovered this when I was home in Canada visiting my family this past summer. Oh.My.Goodness. They have a wall lined with rows and rows of any tea you could imagine. You can smell any of them and they are all amazing.


I bought 3 so far – Pumpkin Chai (Fall Special), Forever Nuts and Luscious Watermelon. 



They are all so good in their own way! I hope there are some Christmas flavors when I hit it up again while I am home for Christmas. They also had a variety of really nice tea kettles, mugs, travel mugs, etc. It would be a great place to get Christmas gifts, or to treat yourself.

Now I am craving pumpkin chai and must be off. Have a great day! Happy Halloween.


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