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Last Long Run Before the BIG (Sur) Half

Today I almost feel as if I am finished training for my upcoming half marathon. I am running the Big Sur Half Marathon on November 14th. I know, I know.. I still have two weeks to go, but this was my last big hurdle in my training schedule. I am welcoming this taper week with open arms.

Leif and I got up early and drove out to Monterey to do this run. There are beautiful trails along the ocean so we make a point to doing some long runs out there when we have the extra time to drive there. It is by far my favorite running spot. The race route is all along the coast. The views make the running much less painful. Here’s the route mapped out from the official race site.


What could be better than this?

It’s stunning and there are always so many other runners and cyclists out and about. There’s something motivating about seeing other people out exercising with you. Agreed?

One of my To-Dos while we are living in California for the next couple of years is to run a half marathon here. This will be my 6th half, but all the others were back in my hometown in Canada. Let’s just say I am excited! After that is over I have some non-running fitness plans up my sleeve. It is always nice to switch it up every so often.

The other great part about the day was going to Whole Foods for the first time. I knew there was a store in Monterey but had yet to find it since I moved here. I had been to Trader Joe’s quite a few times, which I also love. I told Leif if he got me gift certificates to these places for Christmas I’d be a happy girl.

I bought some sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, couscous spelt flour, chilli sauce and crackers.



I can’t wait to cook some new recipes I’ve found that were just waiting on these key ingredients.

Have a great weekend!


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