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Good afternoon! Today is one of those rainy dark days when it feels so good to stay huddled up inside with a warm blanket, relaxing things to do and a husband who’s also off today to relax with. Leif and I started P90X this week so we are both sore and are looking forward to a day to do nothing. So after completing week 1 we both love it! It gives us something fun to do together and we are great at keeping each other motivated. Neither of us look as graceful as those on the video when we do some of the moves, but we make sure not to laugh at each other. The program is definitely do-able although it is challenging. I think having someone to do it with will keep me sticking with it throughout the whole thing. I will update on how we are doing as time passes.

Does anyone else thrive on organizing things? I can put my hand up for that one. I feel so much more relaxed after organizing something.. weird I know. Until recently my recipes were in need of some organization. I had some written in a book, some bookmarked from blogs and recipe sites, some floating around on pieces of paper. A couple of months ago I bought this little gem:


I bought it at Chapters in Canada for about $20 (I think). It comes with lots of recipe cards and dividers in the box.


It’s made of a really sturdy box and I love it. I have been slowly putting all my recipes onto cards. It’s so easy when I want to cook something, I know exactly where to find the recipe. It also looks so nice on the counter with the colorful pictures.



I”m off to relax and then make some homemade pizza for us for supper.

How do you organize your recipes? Online, computer, written down, in your head or all of the above?


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