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Snuggies Need Friends Too


Leif bought me a Snuggie as a surprise a few weeks ago. I am someone who LOVES being warm and I am constantly bundled up in warm clothes and blankets. Let’s just say… it is getting used a lot. I could sit and do this for hours..


Would you think less of me if I told you I was wearing it backwards for the first two days? It felt a little drafty and fit funny. Then we were Googling funny Snuggie videos and spoofs and I realized I had it on the wrong way the whole time.

I love organizing things. It sadly gets me excited. I also love storage jars/containers/boxes etc. I have been buying seeds, flour and other food supplies in bulk and have been looking for a way to store them in another way besides the plastic bags they come in. I got this idea from a post on The Front Burner. I love the way she has all her supplies displayed on shelves in her kitchen instead of tucked away in drawers. To me it is as much art/decor as it is food. I’ve been slowly accumulating some jars and started filling them up.


I just realized I spilled a few flax seeds in the process.




I’m trying not to hurt the wallet too much all at once so I will just buy a couple here and there when I am out shopping. I have many more jars with lots of potential in this kitchen!

How do you like to store your foods? Do you like your countertops full with lots of appliances/foods or have them clear of clutter?


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