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Microwave Fail and Big Sur Half Marathon

This weekend I participated in the Big Sur Half Marathon in Monterey, California. Let me tell you… this is got to be the most beautiful race out there. It starts by running through the historic city and then hugs the beautiful California coastline for several miles. There were about 7000 runners which is the largest run I have ever been a part of. It was a great time. I was slightly disappointed with my time as it wasn’t as fast as I normally do, but hey, I did it! I am proud of that.

When I started running years ago I always assumed “one day I will do a marathon”. Isn’t that what all runners eventually do? After doing 6 half marathons, I still don’t have a big urge to do a marathon. Once in a while I debate it with myself, but it never goes further than that. Whenever I am finishing running a half marathon the same thought always crosses my mind “There’s NO way I could do double the distance I just did”. I have so much respect for all of you out there who have completed a marathon. A lot of respect. Me on the other hand, I am happy and proud to say I have done 6 halfs. I don’t think I will ever push to do a full marathon, and I am OK with that! I have done more than many people have ever attempted, and I need to be proud of myself for that.

Now that this race is done I am back to doing p90x. Today I had a nice yoga day which was perfect since I am still sore from Sunday.

Leif and I got one of the most useful kitchen tool as a wedding gift. Let me introduce you to the grill basket:


It is made to use over the BBQ but can also be used in the oven with a cookie sheet underneath to catch anything that falls through.


We have been cooking some amaaaazing veggies in here. My mouth waters thinking about it.


I add in whatever fresh or frozen veggies we have. My two favorite ingredients are:

  • mushrooms – I looove cooked mushrooms. On the other hand, I really dislike fresh mushrooms.
  • Pineapple – OK I know it isn’t a veggie, but mixing pineapple in any veggie stir fry, grill or pizza (my fav) is the secret ingredient to pure bliss.

I add a bit of olive oil and whatever spices and peppers I grab before it flies into the oven.

Done and done!



There was a little microwave mishap in the kitchen the other day. We were warming up leftover chili and it somehow got put in a couple minutes too long. Note to self – watch the microwave like a hawk unless you want a bit cleaning task on your to-do list.

IMG_5195 IMG_5196

Leif and I looked at what happened and both just laughed and laughed.

When he went to work I took on the cleaning task. Don’t worry, it was cleaned. I even left him a little note to surprise him (slash remind him of the hard work I did)



Off to watch some Glee and hit the hay.


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