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Something else that has also grown in this household is my love for tea. I used to drink tea here and there for years, but recently it has become a daily treat. A big part of this is discovering Davids Tea and learning that there are SO many different flavors and variations. As far as I know, the store only exists in Canada, so whenever I am home visiting family I stock up. I went from having a few flavours…



I bought a few more when I was home at Christmas and also received some for gifts from my little bro. One of my best friends from home came for a visit last month and also brought me some. My collection is slowly growing… mmmm!




My favorite has got to be Toasted Walnut and Pumpkin Chai (but this one has been pushed to the back until next fall rolls around).

And a few other non-Davids to add to the mix


Soooo good. It’s always exciting picking what flavor I want each day since I have a lot of variety. Never a dull day in this kitchen, I tell ya 😉


The tea goes perfectly with my new tea kettle. I had been eyeing them at Marshall’s for a while now but none were the exact color I was looking for (I love colorful kitchen stuff!). We found this one day and I knew right away this baby was going to find a new home right on my stove top.


What are your favorite flavor of tea?


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