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Another rainy day

When Leif was living in California and I was still in Canada, he used to always say that it “never” rains here. He actually said he missed the rain. Well I must have brought it with me when I moved here, because it has been raining so much this winter. I know I can’t complain when I see all the snow my friends up north are getting though. Today is yet another rainy day. It does give me a good excuse to stay inside and get cozy with Frankie though.


He’s not complaining 😉

I was craving something cool, believe it or not. I’ve been hooked on Banana Soft serve lately. I first read about it at Oh She Glows months ago and keep coming back to this delicious dessert. It’s hard to believe it is a dessert. I don’t have a food processor but my small chopper does the trick. In the mix is a frozen banana (frozen with the peel off, broken into pieces), a bit of almond milk and a drop of vanilla. It seriously tastes better than ice cream.


I am not a big fan of ice cream to start with. I find it too creamy and thick. I don’t like milk either, so maybe that explains the lack of ice cream love. This is a great substitute and even more delicious.



Dig in!

What is your favorite go to dessert?


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