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Hand Made Knit Christmas Stocking

Don’t you love it when you make a big batch of food and freeze the leftovers? At the time you don’t think much of it, but when you are hungry, hunting through the fridge/freezer and discover what you have, it is a good day!

We had leftover vegetarian chili for lunch. It’s one of my go-to recipes. It’s so easy, quick and always a favorite with others. I just throw in whatever vegetables I have, diced tomatoes, chili sauce and some secret spices. Recipe to come in the near future (although I don’t even use a recipe anymore).



It’s by far my favorite thing to eat on a chilly day (no pun intended). Yes folks, it does get cold in California. I didn’t believe it either until I moved here.

I am loving our new Ball jars for our food supplies. I can’t wait to buy some more. I have many jars to be filled.



One of my favorite things to do is make things. Since it is Leif and I’s first Christmas being married, I wanted to make something special for us to put out every year. I love to knit and we don’t have any stockings to hang on our fireplace, so I put two and two together, and this is what I made..

IMG_4659 IMG_4660

IMG_4681 IMG_4833 IMG_4928


Ta da!


But this one was getting a little lonely by itself


So I made another to keep it one company…


Leif insisted I make mine a little smaller than his and that it would look “cute”. I am very type-A and like everything to be even, equal and straight/narrow, but I made it the way he wanted.


I’m still not sure if I agree, but it will grow on me. If not I can fix it.


Perhaps he wanted his bigger thinking it would be filled with more gifts? 🙂

Have you ever made anything hand made for the holidays? Do tell as I am looking for more ideas!


Breakfast Of Champions

Today was another great day. We were up very early for a short run. I am doing the Big Sur half marathon Sunday so this was a nice taper week before the big event. This will be my 6th half. I don’t really have a time goal for this race. I always do try to beat my PB (which is 1:48 that I did my very first half marathon) but this time my goal is a little different. Every time I do a half I end up starting off too fast and lose my steam towards the end. This time my goal is to stick to my pace from the very beginning.

We started doing p90x but I am putting that on hold for the next couple of days so that I am rested up for my race. One of my favorite dvds so far is the Yoga.


I have done many Pilates classes in the last few years but haven’t done a whole lot of yoga. Leif even enjoyed it (so he says). We bought some yoga mats which come in handy for the Yoga day as well as the Ab Ripper portion.

I came home with these two mats and let Leif choose his color 🙂


About Ab Ripper… my nemesis. It is intense and hard, but I do know it is working me! My abs have never been so sore as they were the first few days.

For breakfast I eat oatmeal 95% of the time. I never let it get boring though because I have a variety of “toppings” to add to it. I make my oatmeal with almond milk which gives it a sweet smooth taste.


Today I added…

  • pecans
  • almond butter
  • cranberries
  • chia seeds

There’s never a dull day with oatmeal, I tell ya!

I also had a grapefruit that had been sitting in the fridge crying to be eaten. Today I decided to take it out of it’s misery.


It was a little sour but I try not to add any sugar to it. Sometimes I will add a little honey or agave if I am not feeling the sourness.

I’ve slowly been unpacking our Christmas ornaments. We love the smell of real Christmas trees so we always put up a real one.

Fact: When I was young I was allergic to real Christmas trees (the smell) and our family had to get an artificial tree. Luckily I have outgrown that.

Since we don’t have our tree and we don’t have tons of decorations accumulated yet, I put our tree ornaments around the living room to spice it up a bit until the tree arrives. I bought these last year at Hallmark for Leif and I. When I saw them I couldn’t leave without buying them… they are so cute and festive! “At Christmas and always, love bring special meaning to our lives”.




One reason I started decorating early is because we are traveling home to Canada for a few weeks for the holidays. I wanted to make the best of it here early on before we leave.

How soon do you start decorating? What are your favorite decorations?